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The school provides vocational education and training for approximately 900 students aged 16-20 in the following professions:


- Mechatronics Technician (4 years of training) - a combination of Mechanical engineering, Electronics engineering, Computer systems engineering, Control systems engineering, and Systems Design engineering. 


- Avionics Technician  (4 years of training) -  stimulating the development of electronic components of an aircraft, spacecraft or artificial satellites, such as new avionics systems, along with the installation, repair, adjustment, and routine maintenance of existing systems.


- Aircraft  Maintenance Technician  (4 years of training) – involvement in inspecting and performing or supervising maintenance, preventative maintenance, and an alteration of aircraft and aircraft systems.


- Apron Management Service Technician (4 years of training) - providing the service that takes place in the apron and whose objective is managing activities and movements of the aircraft in the apron.


- Mechanics Technician: CNC operator / fusion welding technician (4 years of training) – in order to provide practical training for students, our school cooperates with Rzeszów University of Technology, Aviation Club and School in Krosno, WSK "PZL-Rzeszów" S.A., educating future employees for the companies included in the Aviation Valley Association.


Further fields of training:


- Hairstyling Technician (4 years of training) – dedicated to hairstyling and applying make-up.


- Hairdresser (3 years of training) - practical training is provided by the best  hairdressing salons in Rzeszów. We also organize regional championships annually for hairstyling trainees.

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